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Art League of Fort Myers 

PO Box 2255  :    1451 Monroe St. Fort Myers, Florida 33902

 Hours: Tue–Sat 11:00a to 3:00p
Hours may vary seasonally, call ahead to be sure we are open.

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Our History 


More than 60 years strong; the Art League of Fort Myers was organized in 1956, and has been in continuous operation ever since!!

From 1974 through 1992, the Art League of Fort Myers was located on Crawford Street. In September of 1992 the Art League of Fort Myers moved into the "Old Schultz Farm House" at the corner of Colonial and McGregor and was used as the studio gallery space until the building was demolished when the construction of the Midpoint Bridge ensued.

The "Edwards Building" was moved to replace the Schultz home shortly thereafter. That was the location that housed the Art League of Fort Myers until the move in 2003 to the downtown area at its current location in the heart of the River District, beneath the City of Palm Parking Garage at 1451 Monroe Street, between Bay and First Street.

The Art League of Fort Myers is run solely by a volunteer staff.  It has a core of dedicated artists and art lovers that are encouraging and inspiring.   Our new members are energetic and driven!  Come join an awesome group of artists and art lovers as we revamp our programs, improve our member benefits, and 

enhance our exhibitions!

To join please go to our membership page here!


Our Mission


To enrich our culturally diverse community by providing a platform for local artists to create, teach, demonstrate, exhibit, promote and advocate for visual and fine arts. 



Our Vision


To be a leader in the visual and fine art community by sharing the appreciation and enjoyment of art, by empowering our local artists, and by collaborating with other local organizations in the advancement of art-enriching experiences for all in our community and by actively supporting and participating in local Art Events. 



Our Values


In fulfilling our mission and vision, we take actions that reflect the following VALUES:


Inclusivity & Diversity: We welcome all members of our diverse community and seek opportunities where the richness inherent in the cultural differences of our community are expressed through our art.  Art - and therefore the Art League of Fort Myers - is for everyone.


Creativity, Imagination and Discovery: We are passionate about the power of creativity to inspire individuals to action and to facilitate understanding among people. Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We explore and bring to light new knowledge, new cultures and new ideas through artistic expression.


Innovation & Evolution: We change and grow with our city and the arts landscape. We look to the future while celebrating our past.  We work to promote innovative approaches to art and the Art League.


Community & Service: We will be of benefit to the community and our stakeholders.  We will be an asset to the City by contributing to the River District and the Arts of Lee County. We will focus our efforts on our customers to enrich people's lives, improve quality of life within the community and contribute to the vitality and attractiveness of our city.


Sustainability and Accountability:  The Board and staff will use a collaborative and cooperative team-based approach that results in the best possible decisions for the long-term fiscal viability and greater good of the Art League of Fort Myers.   We will work to achieve the most effective and efficient use of our financial resources demonstrating to the community that we are good stewards of our contributions.


Outreach and Education: We strive to reach out to all segments of our community and to provide opportunities for people to learn about and appreciate art.   Whether teaching someone to paint or how to sell their art, learning permeates all our programs.

These statements provide a clear understanding of our current direction and provides a glimpse of the future of our organization.     The mission vision and values will be a guiding beacon for all who interact with the Art League of Fort Myers.